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News | Sep 20, 2021

Blue Prism Introduces Intelligent Automation Productivity Solutions for the Enterprise on AWS

Blue Prism Introduces Intelligent Automation Productivity Solutions for the Enterprise on AWS

Integrations with AWS productivity applications, CLEVVA, and Invoke ARIA help customers leverage IA across the business

LONDON, AUSTIN TX – September 20, 2021: Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM), a global leader in intelligent automation (IA), today announced a series of high-powered productivity solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers using intelligent automation to make front office sales, customer experiences, business operations, and Centers of Excellence (CoE) more agile, compliant, and productive across the entire enterprise.

Until now, customers who wanted to use automation to enhance productivity had to architect and build solutions from the ground up. Complexity, time to value, and cost often deter businesses from exploring intelligent automation to increase productivity across their customer service, sales, and business operations.

Our industry customers are constantly looking for intelligent automation options to boost their productivity in their front and back offices. Businesses need solutions that can meet this cross-functional need of the enterprise – from customer service and effective communication to more efficient sales and purchasing processes that can help drive revenue. Combining the Blue Prism digital workforce with AWS applications, such as Amazon Chime, and extending low code/no code support to include services, such as Amazon Connect and Amazon Transcribe, expands the number of real-world use cases addressable by AWS customers.”
Madhu Raman Worldwide Head of Intelligent Automation Solutions, AWS

AWS customers can increase efficiencies and improve experiences for sales and customer service teams across the enterprise with a series of extreme productivity solutions powered by Blue Prism intelligent automation and delivered via AWS Cloud. These new capabilities include native integrations with CLEVVA’s digital experts, Invoke ARIA’s CoE administration capabilities, and AWS business productivity services.

Improved Customer Experiences

This solution expands the Blue Prism Service Assist for Amazon Connect offering introduced in May with the added capability of CLEVVA digital experts, giving enterprises the ability to create faster, more engaging, and compliant customer experiences.

CLEVVA’s low-code web platform lets Amazon Connect customers build and maintain their own digital sales and support expert. This digital expert handles each customer’s self-service conversation, while Blue Prism’s digital workers perform required system actions. Together, they resolve more service requests, queries, issues, and complaints across all digital self-service channels.

This offering on AWS means that end customers can get more done via digital self-service. They no longer need to wait for a human agent to complete the last mile. That said, where human agents are asked to service customers, they now have a real-time service expert at their fingertips, one capable of navigating them through the live call, so they can focus their efforts on optimizing the customer experience. Pairing CLEVVA digital experts with Blue Prism and Amazon Connect empowers users by bringing process agility to the front office – particularly in regulated industries.”
Ryan Falkenberg CLEVVA Co-founder and CEO

Faster Sales & Purchase Order Processing

Invoke’s ARIA solution on AWS, powered by Blue Prism digital workers, helps sales teams rapidly automate sales and purchase order processing and convert revenue, easing the path for user adoption and collaboration with digital workers on complex tasks. Enterprises can cut costs, reduce errors, save time, and improve the customer and employee experience with up to 75 percent faster sales and purchase order processing.

Morton Salt has already seen the benefits of using this solution with Blue Prism digital workers to improve their sales and purchase order processing. The company was able to automate the processing of 100,000 manual orders annually -- saving 5,000 hours of human data entry, giving them the ability to deal with staffing fluctuations more effectively, and redeploying team members to more engaging and value-added work.

Solutions like these represent a viable automation case that could support our uniquely different business segments, so the decision to implement was a slam dunk for us.”
Tim Wilson Director of Supply Chain, Morton Salt

Productivity across the enterprise

Blue Prism’s integrations with AWS productivity applications like Amazon Chime and Amazon WorkMail, and AWS machine learning services like Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Textract enhance intelligent automation and extend the functionality of these applications for improved productivity and efficiency. For example, Amazon Chime-specific events can trigger Blue Prism automation during meetings – from transcription and speaker recognition using Amazon Transcribe to recording meetings and other functions.

Digital workers can then connect to any endpoint application, compile meeting recordings and transcripts, and deposit those details directly into an organization’s CRM system – saving time and offering full visibility into account activity or specific relationships.

With this series of cloud scale capabilities and solutions for the front-office, Blue Prism is creating unprecedented value for customers to deploy digital workers on AWS. Aligned with our mission to deliver flexible, scalable solutions in the cloud, these offerings expand options for intelligent automation in the cloud that puts enterprises in control.”
Linda Dotts Chief Partner Strategy Officer, Blue Prism

Customers can take advantage of Blue Prism’s growing solution catalog on AWS by engaging in proof-of-value trials and exploring the impact on their business key performance indicators, with the option to switch to full-scale deployment. Learn more about Blue Prism’s solutions on AWS.

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