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Reimagine a new way to get work done with a faster, precise, empowered team.

Why intelligent automation for finance and accounting?

In an ever-changing work environment, CFOs and their teams are tasked with achieving aggressive business goals to help the organization increase competitiveness and revenues and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our customers choose Blue Prism intelligent automation for our unified platform that combines people and automated processes to achieve data integrity and security, compliance, and timely financial analysis. Blue Prism automations, or digital workers, are assigned specific processes that are usually lengthy and error prone, freeing your team to meet deadlines and focus on complex strategic work. The result is faster, more insightful decisions in support of your strategic goals. Finance leaders across industries are leading their teams to scaling full digital transformation for greater operational capacity.

Get Started With Finance and Accounting Transformation

Lead a strategy-centered team

Finance and Accounting teams use Blue Prism Intelligent Automation to optimize all areas of finance and accounting through three main goals in mind - ensure data integrity, provide more strategic value with less effort, respond quickly to forecasting and strategic planning needs.

    Our technology will help your business streamline and automate critical, end-to-end processes, including revenue forecasting, payroll, cashflow forecasting, margin forecasting, purchase order processing, sales order processing, invoice processing, collections, compliance, reporting, security, risk monitoring, and accounting book balancing.

    With Blue Prism Intelligent Automation, Finance and Accounting teams gain the power to focus on strategic goals, while delegating time-consuming tasks to digital workers. Choose your goal below and learn how Intelligent Automation will benefit your operations.

    IA & RPA for Finance accounting

    Getting Started with Automation in Finance and Accounting

    This guide explains the best process candidates to start with automation and gives you insights into how our clients successfully use intelligent automation to strengthen their teams and gain operational efficiency. Now is the time to transform finance and accounting with intelligent automation.

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    What’s in it for the Finance and Accounting teams?

    Data Integrity

    Operational Efficiency

    Proactive Reporting and Analysis

    What makes Blue Prism the leader in intelligent automation for finance and accounting?

    Back Office Finance and Accounting Guide for Intelligent Automation

    In this starter kit, we’ll share our experiences and best practices gained by working with enterprise customers around the globe. The Back Office Starter Kit will show you how Blue Prism Intelligent Automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) transform the way teams across organizations succeed at end-to-end integration of people, automated processes and systems on Blue Prism’s unified platform.