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Achieve Your Agency's Mission with the Most Secure, Citizen-Centric RPA Solution

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Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce is the citizen-centric RPA platform that integrates with virtually any system or application, freeing humans from repetitive work to drastically increase productivity.

Tighter budgets, expanding workloads, declining workforces, increasing regulatory requirements, rising data security concerns, and growing citizen expectations…as a public sector executive, these are pressures you live and breathe every day. Blue Prism provides an alternative sourcing option to human labor and outsourcing. As the leading RPA platform provider, Blue Prism makes government agencies’ business operations more agile and cost-effective by augmenting their human workforce with a “digital workforce”.

Accredited Blue Prism partners or the agencies’ operational teams implement the Digital Workforce. The Digital Workforce is managed by the agencies’ business teams and governed by IT, enabling employees to focus on higher-value work, while autonomous multi-skilled digital workers tirelessly perform error-free rules based administrative transactions.

“We refer to hours back to the business. We’re giving hours back to our workers through automation so that they can spend less time on manual processes and more time on value-added activities.”
Jomel Angat Senior Lead, Smart Process Automation and Robotics Center, Fannie Mae

Improved Citizen Experience

Blue Prism helps improve service to citizens with automated 1-on-1 inquiry responses, matching citizens to the benefits that best meet their needs, and ensuring the security of personal data.

Increased Operational Agility

A collaborative relationship between human and digital workers enables the automation of more complex tasks, enabling agencies to automate a greater portion of the workload—and to reskill and redeploy more agency staff.

Driving Intelligence into Agency Operations

Being business-led, Blue Prism is easy to configure, deploy and manage, requiring a minimum of technical expertise. The platform also complies with key governance requirements around auditability, security, and compliance.

Delivering a Force Multiplier

An intelligent digital workforce platform makes it possible to seamlessly integrate digital workers with human workers—and to manage the combined workforce as a cohesive whole—thereby enhancing the employee experience.

Re-envisioning Modernization

Modernization provides an ideal opportunity for agencies and non-profits to re-envision how their work gets done, with an emphasis on improving and automating core processes.

Accelerating Data Insights

The Blue Prism Digital Workforce platform is ideally suited for automating the gathering and integration of data from multiple sources according to well-defined processes.

Blue Prism offers Centralized Management to ensure absolute policy compliance, scalability and IT approval.

Blue Prism is flexible and easy to use, while also secure and compliant with industry-leading standards, including (among others) PCI, FISMA (in progress), CERT Secure Coding, Veracode, HIPAA and TAA. Our tenets are:

  • Scalability - You can instantly deploy one, several or all resilient digital workers to scale on-demand.
  • Resilience - Create an inventory of re-useable robotic objects and processes to deploy as needed.
  • Compliance - Ensure absolute policy compliance with proven security, scalability & IT approval.
  • Security - Prevent unauthorized access and changes to proccesses with the robust RPA solution used by the world’s most secure financial institutions.

Only Blue Prism offers a flexible, proven Public Sector RPA solution that is easy to use, works with virtually any application across heterogeneous environments and meets the strict compliance guidelines of IT governance.

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