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Blog | Feb 15, 2023

SS&C Blue Prism: Driving the Future of Intelligent Automation

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The New Year brings with it a fascinating period for SS&C Blue Prism. Following extraordinary work put in throughout 2022, the team has made great progress in bringing SS&C Technologies and SS&C Blue Prism together to provide the most comprehensive suite of intelligent automation (IA) technologies on the market – with enviable capabilities in robotic process automation (RPA), business process management (BPM), intelligent document processing (IDP) and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Our customers’ successes throughout 2022 reflect this and the immense transformational value intelligent automation technologies deliver to them. Building on a momentous year of developments and customer outcomes, our vision for digital transformation via the power of automation remains a constant focus for us in 2023.  

We’re seeing our IA suite positively changing how employees work, how they address challenges and how they interact with technology. IA has the potential to improve employees’ experiences by empowering them for higher-value work. But that’s just part of the intelligent automation journey. 

Automation is helping organizations achieve strategic goals 

The automation sector shows no signs of slowing down. The demand for high-quality, intuitive and effective automation capabilities is as high as it’s ever been — yet some organizations are having difficulties pinning down the exact right way to automate. They need to meet the requirements of key stakeholders while maintaining their overall business strategy and meeting ever more demanding efficiency targets. 

Many organizations are now looking for ways to use technology to transform their business and drive efficiency, and that starts with process improvement and automation. The emergence of generative AI only serves to drive up this demand, as technologies such as ChatGPT feed people’s imagination for what can be done using AI smarter. In a recent IDC survey of over 700 organizations worldwide, more than 60% reported they’re prioritizing increased investments in automation and augmentation technologies to handle more complex tasks. 

Embracing IA can help realize their goals for better efficiency and value without sacrificing customer experience, security and compliance, or the cost of ownership by providing the framework and “glue” between these mature and emerging technologies.  

Planning an IA strategy 

While the demand for  intelligent automation technologies continues at pace, it’s important to note that the mindset around this innovative technology is also shifting. SS&C Blue Prism is seeing more customers realize the full power of IA through more strategic implementation. Organizations are benefiting from scaling automation to target key business objectives.  

Sticking to tactical, task-based automation provides limited value to the organization. Now we’re seeing organizations strategically targeting overall competitiveness, business growth, customer experience, employee satisfaction, increased quality and compliance, and so much more. 

It requires planning to take real advantage of automation. Employees need to know their roles and responsibilities before automating a process. Careful consideration is required to ensure processes comply with the organization’s regulations and industry standards. An operating model should consider the impact across the business. 

Automating with the full suite of IA tools 

IA thrives in a healthy process environment. There are now technology solutions that can help you determine the best processes to automate, from the simple tasks to the full business process level — and they can even help you automate them! 

Task mining and process mining helps you identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, so you know which processes to optimize for better scalability. Integrations into your process automation tools can then smooth the path to automation and help you measure return on investment (ROI), as part of an end-to-end Operational Analytics (OA) strategy. 

Intelligent document processing (IDP) uses AI technologies to transform unstructured data into usable data so it can then be captured, extracted and used to automate processes.  

Business process management (BPM) provides a structured approach to process improvements and is a way to streamline, monitor and manage complex processes across an organization’s human and digital workforce – driving transformational business outcomes. 

Leading the future of work 

In an era of constant change and distraction, there’s never been a more challenging time to get work done. Against this volatile backdrop, organizations are realizing IA can help them become nimbler and scale their organization further and faster. It’s within this context of strategic implementation that we see IA driving the future of business. 

This is where business leaders and digital leaders play an integral role in building their organizations and driving their intelligent automation future.  

We support these change agents, innovators and those who want to make their mark on the world. By advancing the adoption of IA across the enterprise, together we can evolve the future of work and promote the careers and potential of everyone. 

Our key focus for the coming 18 months is on making it easier for our customers to accelerate time to value, speed up business growth and drive organizational transformation.  

Evolve and transform with intelligent automation 

With organizations across all industries experiencing this fast-changing environment, our customers must meet the needs of these rapidly changing markets.  

We're making it easier for line of business users, Center of Excellence (CoE) teams and IT to find new automation opportunities and create processes in line with their enterprise operating model.  

We’re enabling customers to automate at an even greater scale and at a faster pace of change, meaning they can expand business process automation across the organization to support their growth ambitions.  

Our expansive technology ecosystem also plays a key role in accelerating demand and creating smoother customer journeys and experiences, providing easily accessible integrations to their wider ecosystem of technology and access to the latest AI technologies.  

Driving business growth with a unified workforce  

We’re making it as easy as possible for organizations to supercharge business growth by providing all the assessment, optimization, build and operational analytics capabilities they need, all through intuitive interfaces that support a unified digital and human workforce. 

Not only will a unified workforce drive growth and business results, but it will also positively impact employee satisfaction. With digital workers taking over the burden of repetitive, manual tasks, employees can carry out more engaging and meaningful work.  

True to our combined heritage, all this automation growth is done within a trusted infrastructure that provides stringent security and governance and complete audit trails, so that even the strictest compliance standards are followed.  

Transform customer and employee interactions 

We’ll continue focusing on ways customers can extract new value, uncover new markets and drive improved employee and customer experiences. 

SS&C Blue Prism is doubling down on intuitive no-code development software with easy-to-use drag-and-drop features. This allows users, or citizen developers, to build enterprise web applications for richer customer journeys and to relieve the strain on developers or IT.  

We’re making it easier for business users to access tools for creating digital experiences without needing to know a single line of code. Organizations will be able to use IA to delight customers, empower employees, innovate on demand and build quality applications with ease. 

Looking to the future 

If users of IA platforms can scale enterprise-wide, unify their workforce and transform customer and employee journeys, digital transformation will become less of an aspiration and more of a reality as we progress through 2023 and beyond.  

At SS&C Blue Prism, we’re incredibly excited to lead the charge into a future of better intelligent automation. We’re serving our customers to the fullest with our IA portfolio continuously driving your digital transformation. 

A lot is happening in the world of RPA and IA and its effect on the future of work. If organizations want to stay on top of the latest evolutions in AI technologies and increase their value, they need to make sure they’re driving their automation in the right direction.  

Download our eBook to find out all the RPA trends and predictions for 2023 so you know where to take your intelligent automation next. 

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