Blog | Feb 15, 2023

SS&C Blue Prism: Driving the Future of Intelligent Automation


The New Year brings with it a fascinating period for SS&C Blue Prism. Following extraordinary work put in throughout 2022, not only has the team achieved bringing SS&C Technologies and SS&C Blue Prism together but it has produced the most comprehensive suite of intelligent automation (IA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies in the market.

This has been reflected in the success of our customers throughout 2022 and the immense transformational value we’re seeing it deliver for them. Building on a momentous year of developments and customer outcomes, our vision remains a constant focus in 2023 – to change how people work and interact for the better.

Automation Is Helping the Industry Drive Sustainable Goals

With the automation market also showing no signs of slowing down, we know the demand for high-quality, intuitive, and effective automation capabilities is as high as ever. In fact, in a recent IDC survey of over 700 organizations worldwide, over 60% reported that they are prioritizing increased investments in automation and augmentation technologies to handle more complex tasks.

While the demand for intelligent automation technologies continues at pace, it’s important to note that the mindset around this innovative technology is also shifting. SS&C Blue Prism is seeing more customers realize the full power of intelligent automation through strategic implementation. Organizations are benefitting from scaling automation to target key business objectives. Instead of sticking to tactical, task-based automations, which provide limited value to the organization, we’re seeing organizations strategically targeting overall competitiveness, business growth, customer experience, employee satisfaction, increased quality and compliance, and so much more.

In an era of constant change and distraction, never has there been a more challenging time to get work done. Against this volatile backdrop, organizations are realizing intelligent automation can help them become nimbler, and scale their organization further, faster. It’s within this context of strategic implementation that we see intelligent automation driving the future of business.

This is where business leaders and digital leaders play an integral role in driving the future of the organization. We support these change agents, innovators, and those who want to make their mark on the world. By advancing the adoption of intelligent automation across the enterprise, together we can evolve the future of work and promote the careers and potential of everyone.

Customer Experience (CX) will help define the future of intelligent automation

Our key focuses for the coming 18 months are making it easier for our customers to accelerate time to value, speed up business growth, and drive organizational transformation.

We're helping customers continually transform. With organizations across all industries experiencing a volatile and fast-changing environment, it’s never been more critical for our customers to meet the needs of these rapidly changing markets. We're making it easier for line of business users, Center of Excellence teams, and IT to find new automation opportunities and create processes. We enable customers to do more intelligent automation at scale. This expands IA coverage across the organization to support growth ambitions.

Our expansive technology ecosystem plays a key role in accelerating demand and creating smoother customer journeys and experiences, providing easily accessible integrations for the latest AI capabilities. This all while we have the right deployment model that suits every customer's needs.

Building Trust and Collaboration Between Human and Digital Workforce

We’re enabling customers to harness the combined power of people and digital workers to drive business growth. We’re making it as easy as possible for organizations to do that in practice, by providing all the assessment, optimization, build, and analytical capabilities at their fingertips to do so, through intuitive interfaces for a smooth experience for all.

Not only will a unified workforce drive growth and business results, but it will also have a positive effect on employee satisfaction. Employees will be enabled to carry out more engaging and meaningful work as a result of digital workers taking away the burden of repetitive, manual tasks. As SS&C Blue Prism has always done, this is all within a trusted infrastructure that provides complete audit trails, ensuring even the most stringent compliance standards are

We enable customers to transform their customer and employee interactions for the better. We’ll continue focusing on how customers can extract new value, uncover new markets and drive improved employee and customer experiences. SS&C Blue Prism is doubling down on intuitive no-code development software so that users can build enterprise web applications that create rich customer journeys and relieve reliance on developers or IT. We’re making it easier for business users to access tools for creating digital experiences, without needing to know a single line of code. Organizations will be able to more easily delight customers, empower employees, innovate on demand, and build apps fast.

Looking Towards the Future

If users of intelligent automation platforms can scale enterprise-wide, unify their workforce, and transform customer and employee journeys, digital transformation will become less of an aspiration and more of a reality as we progress through 2023 and beyond. We’re incredibly excited about leading this and look forward to continuing to serve our customers to the fullest. SS&C Technologies and SS&C Blue Prism will continue ensuring that our intelligent automation portfolio keeps being the driving force for transformation.